Classic Tessellation Designs
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Celtic Scroll

Celtic Spiral

Koch Island


Lattice Window

Sashiko Quilt

Offset Squares

Moroccan Tiles

Stain Glass window

Tile from Taj Mahal


Kimono Fabric

Pentagon Packing


Pentagon Stars

New tessellations inspired by M.C. Escher
Animated tiles by David Chow
Penrose tiles in architecture
Penrose "darts and kites"
LEGO tessellations
Build a spherical tessellations from a kit
Tessellations database by Patrick Snels

Several of the designs shown here are original. You will not find these images anywhere in the world. I stopped adding contents to my website since 2001 because the ISP discourages excessive traffic. My visitors are getting temporary shutdown. I turn all the new ideas and images into the CD which is available for $20. CD contains all new images and ideas from 2001 to 2004, which are no longer added to the website because ISP will not allow more storage or traffic. Please inquire with email .

Tessellations CD
MathArtFun website

Other tessellation designs