Beautiful Penrose tile in architecture

Meredith College


Kuilema Pottery

Alex Feldman

Helsinki, Finland

Eric Osman

Erwin Zevenhuizen

Puget Sound

Carleton College


Mike Guetta (Montreal)

Richard & Leonie

Paris parquet

Oxford University,
Mathematical Institute

Most of the tiles used in architecture are periodic. The same tile and pattern
can be extended and repeated to infinity on the plane. It is rare to see
aperiodic tiles. Here is a small sample of Penrose tiles. Other examples are
found in Australia and Europe. It takes a lot more planning and work to install
Penrose tiles. This challenge seems to make the Penrose tile more desirable.

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Penrose kit and dart with "inflation method"

This CD has more information on Penrose tiles and other tessellations

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Photo credit:
Penrose bench in Amsterdam by Javier Lopez
Kuilema Pottery:
Meredith College, David Allen Company, photo by David Timberlake
Helsinki Science Museum, Finland, by Kadon Enterprises
Erwin Zevenhuizen lamp from Holland
University of Puget Sound, Science Center, Foucault Pendulum
Mathematics and Computer Science Building, Carleton College by Michael Tie
Education City in Qatar, NOW TV show at PBS May 16, 2008
Mike Guetta is owner of, which produce non-periodic tiles in Montreal, Canada.
Paris parguet is posted by Thomas Fernique