21st Century Escher Inspired Graphics
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This collection comes from Andrew Crompton's wonderful webpage.

Andrew Crompton

Craig Kaplan

Jim McNeill

John Osborn
Robert Fathauer

Hop David

Hans Kuiper

Kenneth Landry

CD: Tessellations & Polyhedrons

William Chow
CD: Tessellations & Symmetry

Chris Edwards

John Lefelhocz

Yoshi Araki

Christine Shearer

Takashi Satou

Robert Ingalls

David Williams

Geoff Pike

Herb Robb

Sam Brade

Makato Nakamura

Peter Raedschelders

Faces of tessellations
LEGO tessellations
Escher's lizards everywhere
Escher tile made by William Chow
Build a spherical tessellations from a kit
Classic Tessellation Designs
Tessellations database by Patrick Snels
William's home page

This collection and many other MathArt images are pack onto a CD to save viewing time. If you are tired of waiting for download and missing pictures, CD is available for $20. CD contains all new images and ideas from 2001 to 2004, which are no longer added to the website because ISP will not allow more storage or traffic. Please inquire with email . The CD contains no high resolution graphics or copyright release.

Tessellations CD
MathArtFun website

Escher related webpage