Faces of Math/Art, Tessellations and Computer Graphics

Jinny Beyer

Andrew Crompton

Robert Fathauer

Hop David

David Chow

William Chow

Jill Britton

Ron Resch

Xah Lee

Jos Leys

Benoit Mandelbrot

Roger Penrose

M. C. Escher

Stephen Wolfram

Dror Bar-Natan

Craig Kaplan

George Hart

Doris Schattschneider

Martin Gardner

Douglas Hofstadter

Michael Trott

Clifford Pickover

David Eppstein

Carlo Sequin

Holger Strom

Bathsheba Grossman

Ian Stewart

Ken Landry

Eric Weisstein

Andrew Lipson

Henry Poincare

Gian Marco Todesco

Jim Blinn

Andrew Glassner

Heinrich Heesch

Patrick Snels

This is a small set of people with photos available from last 50 years.
Tessellations have been around for a long time. Unfortunately, photos
are not available or people want to remain anonymous. On the Tessellations CD,
each photo has links to artwork or webpages. If you have photos that you
want to share, please send by email to williamwchow. The mail server is yahoo.com.