Pick your color for the spirals

RED: 0 to 255
GREEN: 0 to 255
BLUE: 0 to 255
Hint: Do not use same (or similar) values for the box above and box below. To get good color contrast, use numbers that are different by at least 100.
Pick your color for the lines

RED: 0 to 255
GREEN: 0 to 255
BLUE: 0 to 255


Email me if you have a color pattern to share

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This design comes from a Celtic stone carving. This image contains the basic vertices and line movement in the two previous Celtic spirals. If you look closely, this design will help you understand the sweater and the book cover . Owen James classified this as an Egyptian motif in "Grammer of Ornament" published in 1856.

Egyptian design motif from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan.

Spiral Tilings (S & C) by Chris Palmer
Crop circles by Andrew Glassner
Looney Tune Notebook Cover
Celtic spiral tattoo
Celtic links
Peter Oostervink Celtic Art Home Page
Historic Images from Totally Tessellated
African spiral design by Lisa Foote
Steve Abbott's Celtic knot program

J. Romilly Allen showed
this design in the book
"Celtic Art" by Senate
Publishing (Random House,
1997). Note that the circles
are in the same place.
It is the line connections
between the circles that
create a different look.

I see this pattern in
"Textile Designs" by Susan
Meller and Joost Elffers.
This book was published by
Harry Abrams in 1991,
462 pages and 1823 plates.
Similar patterns are also
shown in Flinder Petrie's
book "Decorative Patterns
of the Ancient World" and
George Bain's book "Celtic
Art" both published by
Dover Publications.

Art, Math, and Computers - Carlo Sequin

Redundant quadrapii tiling by Mark Dow

Spiral tilings by Chris Palmer

Spidron Exhibition 2007

Spidron by Daniel Erdely from Hungary

Kolam pattern in India is similar to a Celtic pattern by Dr. Gift Siromoney