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ComforTech is a biomechanical technology company that specializes in seating design for a wide variety of applications, including a seating system for wheelchairs. Based on ideas initiated and formed by Dr. William Chow, the Company developed and holds ownership rights to a unique, proprietary technology that maps a suspension seat to the geometry and demands of each individual's body structure.

ComforTech's first application of its unique technology is a wheelchair seating system called BodyMap. The BodyMap suspension seat is amazingly simple. It can be constructed with a wide choice of materials and offers many inherent advantages compared to other seating designs. Avoiding the use of exotic fluid materials, BodyMap's technology instead concentrates on the use of foams, elastomers, fabrics, rubber and plastics. Pressure and comfort measurements demonstrate that the BodyMap suspension seat is among the best of all seating options available on the market.

To date, financial backing and management support for BodyMap has been provided by Sentron Medical Inc., a company that manages commercialization processes for advanced medical technologies.

ComforTech and BodyMap are registered trademarks.

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