In 2005, I started using Solid Works to design products at Earthlite.
The first successful headrest was introduced to the market in 2006.
The Caress headrest uses 8 pieces of cantilever springs to support the head.
The combination of 8 springs and petals give 16 degrees of freedom.
A patent was filed by Jon Roleder and William Chow in 2006.

Demonstration of the conforming properties of the SS cantilever springs.

This is a 3 dimensional model of the head and the concept headrest.

The linkages on the Flex-Rest are much simpler and lighter in weight.
The Flex-Rest was introduced to the market in September 2007.
Here is the patent on this design.

Conforming properties of elastomer forehead section.

New armrest design for perfect adjustments

Convert-A-Bed new introduction Nov. 2008

Other products designed by William Chow

Patents 2005-2010