"Temari Traditions"

published by Japan Publications
by Diana Vandervoort

This temari is made in the dodecahedron pattern. There are 12 pentagon shapes on this sphere, which is a perfect shape for a calender if each pentagon contains a month of the calender year.

George Hart has a discussion of the polyhedra shapes and another page for polyhedral sculptures . Dr. Steffen Weber's webpage contains crystallographic polyhedra animated by JAVA.

Pam Stettnisch,

Temari from Fukuoka, JAPAN

George Hart send me this image. I see a similar construction in the book "Thai Forms" and it is described as "ball of plaited bamboo". The Bucky ball is an interesting structure of carbon (C60) found in nature. Alan Holden has a good book on this subject:"Shapes, space and symmetry". The book is published by Dover in 1991.

Here is another book that describe patterns that can be used on a temari ball: "Spherical Models" by Magnus J. Wenninger, Dover Publications, Inc. 1999, 163 pages.

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