The CD is about the kind of mathematics that pleases the eye and stirs your imagination.

This CD started as a collection of beautiful images of tilings from classic and contempory designs. The Dutch graphic artist M.C. Escher has a lot of admirers from all around the world. Andrew Crompton from England collected a lot of paintings that are made by people following the examples of M. C. Escher. As the Internet allows people to connect to other people with same interest, I met Dr. Robert Fathauer and Mr. Hop David from Arizona. Dr. Robert Fathauer"s Encyclopedia of Fractal Tilings is included on the CD. Hop David made a lot of webpage backgrounds and presented that on the Internet. These images are included on this CD with Hop David"s permission.

The most important idea behind this CD is that we live with mathematics even before the first human can write. That mathematics is natural and it is fun. I collected images based on asthetic quality and mathematical elegance. This CD should be a great help for students learning symmetry and infinity. It is also a source book for artists and architects looking for ideas and examples.

I struggled for 2 years to learn JAVA so that the image on the webpage can be interactive with the viewer. JAVA has worked well for this kind of graphics. The images are clean and the programs are small for the size of images displayed. All the source code are listed for the JAVA graphics. The purpose is to help other people learning computer graphics to get more results in a short time.

I am an engineer by training. During the 17 years I lived in Tucson Arizona, I spend a lot of time and energy learning painting, sculpture, clay, wood, stained glass and architecture design. As I collect material for this CD, patterns and tilings are demonstrated by examples in floor covering and quilt, textile design. The mathematics is nearly invisible for the people who are not interested in geometry.

New for 2004: spherical tessellations and tessellated polyhedron
New for 2005: slide show for quilts, ceramic floor tiles and architecture

There is only one Tessellations CD. Escher would be proud:

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